Hatter’s Castle

Hatter’s Castle is a cottage bungalow that used to be the home of Carey Island‘s plantation manager back in the 1920s.

Hatter's Castle Pulau Carey
Hatter’s Castle sits on a 2-hectare piece of land and is fronted by a well-manicured lawn.

Fun Fact
Hatter’s Castle has been conferred heritage status by Badan Warisan Malaysia (The Heritage of Malaysia Trust), a national heritage non-governmental organization.


 +603 3326 6222 (Puan Rogayah)




Sime Darby West Estate, Heritage Island,
Pulau Carey, 42960
Kuala Langat, Selangor


The cottage bungalow’s design is influenced by Edward Valentine John Carey, founder of the island, while its name is inspired by a novel of the same title by Scottish author A.J. Cronin.

The first occupants of the house were Danish engineer C.L. Gjorup, who built the bungalow and moved in on 1 January 1923, and James French, the first general manager of Jugra Land & Carey Limited, who occupied the top floor.

The cottage bungalow’s design was so well received at the time that it became the model for all hill station and plantation bungalows erected during the colonial era.

Today, Hatter’s Castle is used as a guesthouse for staff and guests of Sime Darby Plantations Berhad, who owns most of the oil palm estates that cover the island.

Opening hours

Open any reasonable time during daylight hours, by appointment with Sime Darby Plantations Berhad.

Price/Entrance fee

Entry is free.


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How to get to Hatter’s Castle

There is no public transport that will bring you directly to Pulau Carey. The best way to get here is to drive from KL city center towards Teluk Panglima Garang via the Klang-Banting road. From Teluk Panglima Garang, narrow roads takes you past rustic Malay villages to Carey Island. The drive takes about an hour.

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