Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Sungai Congkak)

Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest is a popular weekend getaway especially for families, campers, and nature lovers residing in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Tall trees make for an imposing entrance at theSg Congkak Recreational Forest.


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Hutan Lipur Sungai Congkak,
Jalan Sungai Congkak, Kampung Padang
43100 Hulu Langat
Selangor, Malaysia


About 35 kilometers from both Kuala Lumpur city center and Selangor’s Kajang town, Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest, or Hutan Lipur Sungai Congkak, is an ideal destination for city dwellers to rest their minds, picnic and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

A dipterocarp rainforest that is part of the great Titiwangsa mountain range, Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest is rich in flora and fauna with meandering, crystal-clear rivers.

Nestled in a cool and hilly area of Hulu Langat, the route leading to the forest passes through quaint towns and villages where the pace of life is noticeably slower.

Fruit stands with fresh produce from nearby orchards and food stalls with village menus on both sides of the road are common sights, giving visitors an authentic feel of life outside the city, which is actually not far away.

Vehicles can be driven into the forest compound to reach various campsites as well as chalet units available for rent. Gazebos along the nearby river make good picnic sites and also provide shelter from rain.

Although the Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest lacks waterfalls, the river pools are wide and shallow in some spots, making it suitable for a dip or swim.

Sungai Congkak Hiking

Slightly deeper into Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest is the starting point of a challenging hiking trail to Bukit Chenuang (Chenuang Hill) which takes about an hour. Reaching an altitude of about 850 meters, the peak here provides great views of the surrounding valley.

From Bukit Chenuang, one can continue hiking the trail to Bukit Batu Kumbang before returning, which is about another hour away. The views of the Titiwangsa mountain range from the peak of Bukit Batu Kumbang make it a worthwhile additional stop.

Price/entrance fees

There is an entry fee of RM1.00 for adults and RM0.50 for children below 12.

Sungai Congkak Chalet

Type Weekday Weekend & Public Holidays
Chalet 1-6 (sleeps up to 2 pax) RM80.00  RM100.00 
Chalet 7-8 (sleeps up to 5 pax)  RM150.00  RM180.00 
Chalet 9-10 (sleeps up to 12 pax) RM330.00 RM350.00 
Chalet 11-14 (sleeps up to 6 pax)  RM100.00  RM120.00 

There are ongoing plans to demolish all but 4 of the chalets here. Please check with Tourism Selangor for more details.

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Opening hours

Open 24 hours daily.



How to get to Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Sungai Congkak)

The best way to get to Hutan Lipur Sungai Congkak, which is located in the outskirs of Selangor, is to drive.

By Train

By Bus
Board Bus U412 (formerly T406) from Cheras to Pangsun and stop at the nearest bus stop about 2.2km from the entrance to the forest.

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