11 agro/eco resorts in Selangor

The following agro/eco resorts in Selangor offer activities related to nature and agriculture i.e. crop and animal farming, hot springs, hiking, waterfalls etc.

While most of the agro/eco resorts listed here offer basic accommodation, the real draw lies in the activities on offer.

Check here if you’re looking for luxury, tropical resorts in Selangor.

1. Refreshing Springs Resort

The Refreshing Springs Resort is an idyllic eco resort built with a traditional design. Main attractions here include a hotspring and beautiful rivers that can be explored. Equipped with basketball court, durian buffet, rock climbing, flying fox, telematch, paintball, herbal garden, fish pond and paddle boats, this eco resort also provides packages for annual company retreats, events and trips.

Location: Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor


2. Adelia Hill Farm

Enjoy a day out with animals at this elevated farm with cosy accommodation.

Location: Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor


3. Carpe Diem Orchard Home

Be one with nature at this idyllic resort built mainly from wood.

Location: Serendah


4. Semenyih Eco Venture Resort & Recreation

Stay in a container at this eco resort with a variety of activities from canoeing to ATV rides.

Location: Semenyih


5. Sembilang Eco Resort

The Sembilang Eco Resort is located in Pantai Remis, where visitors to Kuala Selangor fireflies and the Sky Mirror in Kampung Sasaran often put up for the night.

Location: Pantai Remis, Kuala Selangor


6. AgroCabin AsiaCamp

AgroCabin AsiaCamp is located at Tanjong Karang, meaning “Cape of Corals” in English. Each cabin comes with air conditioning and a flat screen TV. Nearby activities include river rafting, kayaking, bamboo rafting, orienteering and a ‘kem rekreasi’ (recreational camp) experience.

Location: Tanjong Karang


7. Jeram Tiny House

A refurbished shipping container, the Jeram Tiny House offers homestay-style accommodation in a green setting.

Location: Jeram, Selangor


8. Evergreen Xperience Chalet

Located in a Gaharu Plantation surrounded by fish ponds with home cooked food provided. Nearby attractions include Selangor Dam Lookout Point, Kampung Orang Asli Pertak, Sungai Chiling and Sungai Selangor waterfalls.

Location: Kuala Kubu Bharu


9. Qing Garden Tanjong Sepat

This self-catered villa is hosted by a man who, being a lover of Chinese traditional culture and landscape architecture, spent years building the surrounding garden, planting all the grass and trees and making all the woodwork by himself. Simple architecture integrates with a harmonious, beautiful garden that will make you feel relaxed, calm and comfortable.

Location: Tanjong Sepat


10. Hulu Langat Homestay & Eco Farm

This pondside Hulu Langat property offers basic, no-frills accommodation and a variety of nature-related activities.

Location: Hulu Langat


11. Bukit Tabur Retreat

Villas that can accommodate up to 24 people at this hill retreat near the capital.

Location: Ampang

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