Cultural & Heritage

Astaka Morocco (Moroccan Pavilion)

The Astaka Morocco in the federal territory of Putrajaya offers a glimpse of Morrocan heritage and architecture. One of the …

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Best Malaysian food to try

As a melting pot of cultures, religions and ethnicities, Malaysian food is as diverse as it is delicious. On this …

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Istana Alam Shah

Istana Alam Shah is the official palace of His Majesty the Sultan of Selangor. One of Istana Alam Shah’s main …

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One day trips in Selangor

The following 12 places for one day trips in Selangor are worth spending a full day, with some worth staying …

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Muzium Sabak Bernam

Muzium Sabak Bernam is an agriculture and aquaculture museum dedicated to the fishing and rice-planting prowess of this coastal district …

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Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

Klang’s Kwan Yin temple is steeped in history as it is over 100 years old, having been built in 1892. It is just one of many heritage buildings in the Royal Town.

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Muzium Orang Asli Gombak

Muzium Orang Asli

Located within the Selangor State Park, Gombak’s Orang Asli Museum highlights the culture and tradition of the aborigines or Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia…

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Muzium Automobil Nasional

Muzium Automotif Sepang

Learn more about the 6 Malaysian car companies: Proton, Perodua, Naza, Inokom, Bufori and TD, at the National Automobile Museum. …

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Hatter’s Castle

Hatter's Castle Pulau Carey

Built around the 1920s, Hatter’s Castle holds the distinction of being the first colonial-style building built on Pulau Carey (Carey Island). Its design was so well received at the time that it became…

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