Istana Bandar Jugra

Built in the early 1900s, Istana Bandar Jugra is located in Jugra, a historical town in Kuala Langat district.

Istana Bandar Jugra
In 1980, Istana Bandar Jugra was designated a historical monument and site under the Antiquities Act 1976 .


 +603 3103 0048 / +603 3103 1279



Jalan Istana Lama,
42700 Jugra,
Banting, Selangor


Sultan Sir Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah, the fifth Sultan of Selangor, lived here for many years until his death in 1938. His grandson, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, who was to be the eight Sultan of Selangor, was born in the palace in 1926.

The double-storey structure has many rooms, including a royal bath (Kolam Mandi Diraja), throne room (Balai Rong Seri), banquet room (Kamar Santap Diraja), bedrooms (Kamar Beradu), audience halls (Balai Mengadap), verandah (Sotoh), kitchen (Dapur) and a ‘forbidden garden’ (Taman Larangan).

Also known as Istana Alaeddin or Alaeddin Palace, the building was constructed using high-quality cengal timber and marble. Its design is largely Islamic, mainly of Indian and Middle-Eastern origin. There is also some Chinese influence (the roof’s carved fascia board and sisik naga or dragon fin), as craftsmen from China were involved in the palace’s construction.

The palace fell into disuse after independence, when the administrative center of the state was moved to Kuala Lumpur. It was later used as a craft center and a center for studying the Quran, the central religious text of Islam.

It is usually visited together with Bukit Jugra, Makam Diraja Sultan Abdul Samad (Royal Mausoleum) and the yellow-coloured Masjid Sultan Alaeddin, which is located next door.

Opening hours

Open any reasonable time during daylight hours.

Price/Entrance fees

Entry to the palace is free.


The palace in Jugra is also located near the following destinations:


Jugra, where the palace is located, is just ~13km from Pantai Morib.

  • Impian Morib Resort – 50 villas located next to Sri Morib Golf Club.

  • Gold Coast Morib International Resort – Large resort development situated along the coast about 5km from the main beach area.



How to get to Istana Bandar Jugra

Driving is the best way to get here. Jugra is located ±30 kilometers south of Klang. From Klang Valley, take the Federal or KESAS Highway towards Klang and thereafter, head towards Banting. The drive takes about an hour.

By Train

By Bus


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