Masjid Diraja Sultan Alaeddin

Located within the historical town of Jugra, Masjid Diraja Sultan Alaeddin is one of Selangor’s oldest mosques.

Masjid Bandar Jugra
Masjid Sultan Alaeddin was gazetted as an Ancient Monument and Historical Site under the Antiquities Act 1976 in 1980 and registered as a ‘Warisan’ (Heritage) under the National Heritage Act 2005 in 2008.


 +603 2604 4800



Jalan Istana Kampung Bandar,
42700 Jugra,
Selangor, Malaysia


Also known as Masjid Alauddin or Masjid Bandar, the mosque was built in the early 1900s about 200 meters from Istana Bandar (Bandar Palace), the residence of the fifth Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sir Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah.

It is believed that the design of this yellow mosque originated from the Sultanate of Deli in Medan, Sumatera.

A fine example of classic Moorish and Mughal architecture, the mosque shares several similarities with another heritage landmark, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur, particularly in its domes and arches.

Masjid Diraja Sultan Alaeddin’s interior is decorated with Qur’anic inscriptions and intricate wood carvings. Renowned journalist George L. Peet, who visited the mosque in its prime, revealed that its pulpit was often used by the Sultan himself to deliver sermons.

Within its vicinity are other attractions including Bukit Jugra (Jugra Hill), Makam Diraja Sultan Abdul Samad (Royal Mausoleum) and Muzium Insitu Jugra.

Opening hours

Open any reasonable time during daylight hours.

Price/Entrance fees

Entry to the mosque is free.


The mosque in Jugra is also located near the following destinations:


Jugra, where the mosque is located, is just ~13km from Pantai Morib.

  • Impian Morib Resort – 50 villas located next to Sri Morib Golf Club.

  • Gold Coast Morib International Resort – Large resort development situated along the coast about 5km from the main beach area.


How to get to Masjid Diraja Sultan Alaeddin

Driving is the best way to get here. Jugra is located ±30 kilometers south of Klang. From Klang Valley, take the Federal or KESAS Highway towards Klang and thereafter, head towards Banting. The drive takes about an hour.

By Train

By Bus

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