Jugra Insitu Museum

The Jugra Insitu Museum is situated at the foot of Bukit Jugra, a gentle hill located in the historical town of Jugra in Kuala Langat district.

Muzium Insitu Jugra
To protect and preserve the historical value and legacy of the building that houses the Jugra Insitu Museum, the site was declared a heritage building by the Department of National Heritage in 2002.


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Bukit Jugra,
42700 Banting,


The double-storey building in which the museum is housed used to be an old district police station and prison.

Constructed in 1878 by British police officer Capt. Harry Charles Syers, it was used to carry out sentences according to the British judicial system of the time. The upper floor functioned as a courtroom whereas the ground floor served as a prison.

The historical building was gazetted by the Department of National Heritage on 19 November 2002 and has since been restored to its former glory.

It now functions as a museum with 3 exhibition halls containing displays and dioramas on the building itself, the Selangor Sultanate and Jugra’s other nearby heritage buildings including Istana Bandar Jugra, Masjid Sultan Alaeddin and Makam Sultan Abdul Samad (Royal Mausoleum).

The star attractions at the Muzium Insitu Jugra are 2 General Motors Canada (GMC) C15TA armoured trucks produced during the Second World War and used by the Royal Malaysian Police during the emergency period around 1948-1960.

Opening hours

10.00am – 5.00pm (Tuesday – Friday), 10.00am – 5.30pm (Weekends and Holidays)

Price/Entrance fees

Entry to the museum is free.


The museum in Jugra is also located near the following destinations:


Jugra, where the museum is located, is just ~13km from Pantai Morib.

  • Impian Morib Resort – 50 villas located next to Sri Morib Golf Club.


  • Gold Coast Morib International Resort – Large resort development situated along the coast about 5km from the main beach area.


How to get to Muzium Insitu Jugra

Driving is the best way to get here. Jugra is located ±30 kilometers south of Klang. From Klang Valley, take the Federal or KESAS Highway towards Klang and thereafter, head towards Banting. The drive takes about an hour.

By Train

By Bus

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